at and t wireless store

at and t wireless store

Verizon Wireless on Tuesday outlined details of a new flagship retail experience, focused on providing comprehensive support and services at designated “destination” stores. The first enhanced experience will open up in the Mall of America in Bloomington, and will provide customers with hands-on demonstrations of products and services, education and technical help. The Bloomington experience will eventually filter down to the company’s 1,700 retail locations, Verizon Chief Operating Officer Marni Walden said.

“Right now, I am demonstrating the Fit Bit. What this does is track my steps as I walk throughout the day. It will also calculate my calories that I burn,” Malmquist said.

“We are doing much more by creating an experience for our customers to enhance their lives and learn about new ways mobile devices can add value to their everyday activities,” said a Verizon representative. Walden revealed more big experiences will come after the rollout of the first “Destination” store tomorrow, though she didn’t specify what or where those will be.

While plenty of purchases now take place online, physical retail stores are still important because they provide customers with a first-hand look at products and services. For Verizon, the majority of sales take place at its carrier stores, so the company is attempting to capitalize by providing consumers with a more in-depth experience. The idea is to make its retail feel more like a place you want to visit, and not somewhere you’re forced to.

Of course given all these devices are currently using the Qi standard, there are definitely some cheaper options out there. We’ve even seen a few Nokia wireless chargers pop up on daily deals sites in the past. Anyone happy with a particular wireless charger you’re currently using for your Neksessez?

“This store is going to give our customers the opportunity to demonstrate, and touch and feel, the gadgets and devices they’ve heard about, they may have seen on shelves in different stores,” said Seamus Hyland, Verizon regional president.

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